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Photo of Donald  S. Haldeman
U.S. Olympic Committee Photo

Donald S. Haldeman

Sergeant Donald S. Haldeman, 55, died in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, on  February 22, 2003. Sergeant Haldeman was the 1976 Olympic trap gold medalist.

Donald was an ATA life member and first registered targets in 1965 when he was out of high school. In 1969, he joined the Army's Marksmanship Unit. He earned the silver medal in trapshooting at the first trap competition in the Pan American Games, in 1975. He broke 196 and the U.S. team of Haldeman, Dan Carlisle, Charvin Dixon, and Wally Zobell set a team record of 391x400. Donald was awarded the United States Distinguished International Shooter Badge in 1975.

Donald participated in the 1972 Olympics in Munich and then the 1976 Games in Montreal, where he captured the gold medal in trapshooting. At the time, he was also the only U.S. shooter to have earned his way to two Olympics since the U.S. reentered trap competition in 1960.

After leaving military service, Donald was a tool and die maker for Budd Company of Philadelphia for 30 years, retiring in 1992 due to illness. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War,  a life member of the American Legion, and a member of the National Rifle Association.


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