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Photo of Carl Guenther

Carl D. Guenther

Captain Carl D. Guenther, 66, passed away August 30, 2006, in Marina Del Rey, California.

He was born on April 26, 1940, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and attended St. Joseph Grade School, was a graduate of St. Mary's Springs High School, and graduated in 1962 from St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin, as a 2nd lieutenant from the R.O.T.C. program.

He later received his Master's Degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army with the rank of captain.

At the age of 12, Carl began a hobby in rifle and pistol marksmanship. He captured numerous awards, medals, and trophies in state and national competitions. He participated in the 1975 Pan Am Games in Mexico City, where he won gold and bronze medals in team and Individual Air Rifle events.

Among his highest shooting honors was being the 25th Triple-Distinguished Shooter in U.S. History (Awarded the U. S. Army Distinguished Rifleman Badge in 1964, the United States Distinguished International Shooter Badge in 1975, and the the U. S. Army Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge in 1997).

Carl enjoyed working as a computer programmer, developing ballistics programs for PC's and the Constant Force Crimping Die. He also held a patent for easy-to-install tire chains. He enjoyed Alpine and Nordic skiing, playing volleyball, and was the current president of the Sports-R-Us Volleyball and Ski Club. He was a mighty plinker of tin cans and rocks but will be remembered by his friends as a superb individual quick to help others.

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