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Nelson D. Dundas

Master Sergeant Nelson D. Dundas, 82, a resident of Macon, North Carolina and former acting USAMU SGM, died November 13, 2010.

Nelson entered the Army in 1948 at Fort Ord, California. He was assigned to the Ordnance School, APG, Maryland where he attended the Small Arms Repair Course and later became an instructor at the school. After a tour in Japan, he was assigned to the 364th Infantry Regiment at Fort Dix, New Jersey and eventually became a Battalion Sergeant Major. While assigned to Fort Dix, he became involved in the Army marksmanship program as a coach, small arms repairman, and team member.

Nelson was reassigned to Germany in 1955 and eventually taught small arms repair and maintenance to the newly formed German Army at Munsterlager and Fusen Germany. In 1956, he attended the National Match Rifle and Pistol Maintenance Course at Springfield Armory, Massachusetts, and upon completion of the course he returned to Germany. Nelson was then selected to support the USAREUR Rifle and Pistol teams at the All Army and National Matches. After the Camp Perry matches, he was reassigned to APG serving under CPT Francis B. Conway. In 1959, he was assigned to the G3, USARYIS (United States Army Ryukyu Islands command) at Okinawa. Nelson returned to CONUS and was reassigned to the USAMTU at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1963 and was the acting USAMU SGM from July 1967 to June l968.

His awards include the Korean Service Medal, National Defense Medal w/OLC, Army of Occupation World War II Medal w/JAPAN clasp, Army Commendation Medal, and two National Individual Trophy medals.

After retirement, he served with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Nelson was a Life Member of the MMA.

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