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Raynold S. Dobak

Lieutenant Colonel Raynold S. Dobak of Grayland, Washington, recently passed. LTC Dobak was a Distinguished Rifleman, great coach, and leader. LTC Dobak was awarded the U. S. Army Distinguished Rifleman Badge in 1958.

He coached one of the two big Army service rifle teams in 1957 and was Team Captain of the big Army team in 1958. He and Coats Brown switched positions those two years and won the National Trophy (Dogs of War) Team Match  both years.

LTC Dobak retired from the Army and USAMU as OIC of the Service Rifle Section in the mid 1960's. He moved first to Olympia, Washington, and then to the coastal town of Grayland where he bought a fishing boat. In his retirement years, he sailed and fished in the Pacific regularly until 1997.

LTC Dobak was highly regarded and respected by those who served with him.  He sought no laurels for his coaching or leadership skills but is recognized and credited with charting the course for future USAMU Service Rifle Team victories.

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