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Minutes of the Meeting
August 2005

1. Monthly Meeting: The monthly Executive Board Meeting of the Military Marksmanship Association was held August 25, 2005 in the Army Marksmanship Conference Room, Building 243, Fort Benning, Georgia.

    a. Board Members Present:
        Bruce A. Meredith, President
        Stephen Goff, Vice President
        Laurence K. Mosely, Secretary
        Samuel W. Hunter, Treasurer
        Archibald V. Arnold III, Roundhouse Committee Chairman
        Carter Berry, Public Affairs Committee Chairman and MMA Times Editor
        Phil Cannella, Reunion Coordination Chairman
        Richard D. Rebidue, Membership Committee Chairman

    b. Board Members Absent: None.

    c. U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Representatives:

        Mr. Robert Aylward, USAMU Deputy
        Mr. John Feamster, 50th Anniversary Staff
        Mr. John Writer, 50th Anniversary Staff

    d. Guests: None.

    e. Call to Order: A quorum being present, the President called the meeting to order at 10:05 a. m.

2. Treasurer's Report: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Treasurer's Report for July 2005.

3. Minutes: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting held on June 17, 2005. The Secretary stated that he had prepared a Memorandum to the Directorate of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation announcing that the July 2005 Executive Board Meeting had been canceled. He also stated that he would attach the July 2005 Treasurer's Report to the memorandum.

4. Unfinished Business:

    a. Membership Form Update: The Membership Chair reported that a large percentage of the membership had returned an updated Membership Application Form and that he was contacting the remaining delinquent members. He also reported that the association was currently at 518 members (a decrease of 3 members from the previous report). The Secretary remarked that he had redesigned the MMA Membership Application Form by consolidating several data blocks on one line so that it would print from the association's web site as one page form. He also noted that he used the same language as the IRS publication pertaining to the Check Status block for: Spouse, Widow, Widower, Ancestor, or Lineal Descendant of a Veteran or a Cadet.

    b. Roundhouse Project Update: Arch Arnold, Roundhouse Committee Chair, reported that he and the USAMU Deputy had a meeting with MG (Retired) White of the National Infantry Museum Foundation to discuss whether that organization was interested in the Roundhouse as part of the future plans of the museum. Although there was an interest to obtain the building, currently there are no funds to move the Roundhouse to the new museum site.

    c. Fiftieth Anniversary Biography and Book Order Status: The Secretary reported that 150 books had been ordered. A count of the number of bios submitted was not available.  (Update note: As of August 31, 2005, Turner Publication reported that 140 bios had been received).

    d. Notebook Computer: The Secretary reported that the notebook computer had been back ordered four weeks but he had received it two days ago. He remarked that he needed some time to load software and setup the computer. He questioned Mr. Berry whether he wanted to use the new computer to publish the September issue of the MMA Times. Mr. Berry felt the time was too short to learn the new computer and elected not to use it for publishing the current MMA Times issue.

5. New Business:

    a. Membership Directory: The Secretary noted that there were a large number of membership changes including new members and questioned whether an updated second edition of the membership directory should be published. A discussion considered publishing an addendum sheet but it was noted that would take several pages. Another option was to publish a new membership directory with all the changes but it was noted that the cost would be over $500.00 and there was only four months remaining in the year. It was determined that the best course of action was to publish the 2006 Membership Directory and mail it along with the December issue of the MMA Times. The MMA Times would be published the last week in December rather than mid-December.

    b. Realty License: The Secretary reported that he had not received any response to our request to renew the license for MMA to use a room in the Building 243. The license is due to expire on August 27, 2005. He noted that he would contact the USAIC Reality Officer for a status update.

    c. Halls of Fame List: The Secretary announced that he had received a listing of the USAMU Halls of Fame from the USAMU PAO Specialist. He remarked that he had formatted the list for publication in the MMA Times and offered the list to Mr. Berry. The President remarked that based upon the feedback he had received from the membership he felt it would be best not to publish the list at this time.

    d. MMA Times Schedule: The MMA Times Editor requested input for the September issue of the MMA Times NLT the 3rd of September. Mail out was scheduled to coincide with the September 23rd Board Meeting.

    e. USAMU Report: The USAMU Deputy reported the following items.

    (1)  Service Pistol won the team Championship at the Interservice Championships.
    (2)  International Rifle won all team matches at the National Matches.
    (3)  Service Rifle won all team matches, except the Infantry Trophy Match, at the National Matches.
    (4)  Mr. Troy Lawton won the 1,000-yard match at Camp Perry with a score of 799-36x out of a possible 800 points.

    f. Fiftieth Anniversary Book Writing Staff: The Deputy introduced the two-man, 50th Anniversary Book Staff and noted that they had established an office on the second floor of Building 243. Mr. John Feamster, who has published books and articles, and Mr. John Writer, a USAMU Hall of Fame member, briefed the board about the progress of the book. They plan to have the first draft completed by December and announced other milestones.

    g. Fiftieth Anniversary Book Responsibilities: The Vice President questioned who should be contacting Turner Publishing Company about various details of the book and who was their point of contact. The Secretary stated that USAMU had responsibility for publication of the book while MMA would monitor sales of the book and submission of bios. He noted that bios were not being edited by MMA but were sent directly to the publisher. He also noted that the contract with Turner Publishing Company specified the number of books pre-sold would determine the number of page in the book. He said that he would provide USAMU points of contact to our assigned editor at Turner Publishing Company.

    h. Member News: The Secretary reported that Past MMA President, Bill Blankenship, was due to resume a normal activity schedule after undergoing open heart surgery several months ago. He also reported that former USAMU member and National Woman's Champion, Sallie Carroll, had cancer but did not have any other details.

    i. Presidents Comments: The President made a number of points about the up coming reunion. First and foremost, he wanted this to be a first class event. He noted that the banquet in the Iron Works would be the focal point of the reunion. He noted that he had appointed Phil Cannella as Reunion Coordination Chairman but Phil would need help. Second, he wanted to double the membership by the time of the reunion. Third, which is related to increasing membership, he wanted to contact as many former members to let them know about the reunion. Finally, he asked the Board to think about how the reunion should be expensed by MMA. The Vice President said that the Board should keep member cost low so costs to attend would not a determining factor for the membership. The Membership Chair noted that our finances are in excellent shape and that the Board should spend (down) to make the reunion a memorial event as envisioned by the President. The Deputy said that he was trying to obtain an M1 rifle built on the date, month, or year that USAMU was activated (March 1, 1956, March 1956, or 1956). The rifle would be used in some manner appropriate to the anniversary.

6. Next Meeting: The next Executive Board Meeting was scheduled for 10:00 AM, Friday, September 23, 2005, in the USAMU Conference Room, Building 243, Fort Benning, Georgia.

7. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a. m.

Laurence K. Mosely

August 2005 Financial Statement

Approved by the Executive Board on September 23, 2005.

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