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Minutes of the Meeting
June 2004

1. Monthly Meeting: he monthly Executive Board Meeting of the Military Marksmanship Association was held June 30, 2004 in the Army Marksmanship Conference Room.

    a. Board Members Present:

        Archibald V. Arnold III, President
        Bruce Meredith, Vice President
        Laurence K. Mosely, Recording Secretary
        Samuel W. Hunter, Treasurer
        Carter Berry, Public Affairs Committee Chairman and MMA Times Editor
        Richard D. Rebidue, Membership Committee Chairman

    b. Board Members Absent: None.

    c. U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Representative: Michael Behnke, Chief of Competitions.

    d. Guests: Phillip Cannella, Jr., MMA Past President.

    e. Call to Order:  quorum being present, the President called the meeting to order at 10:15.

2. Treasurer's Report: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Treasurer's Report for May 2004. Additionally, the Treasurer provided a financial preview for June 2004.

3. Minutes: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting held on May 27, 2004.

4. Unfinished Business:

    a. Reunion Mementos Planning:

    (1) Cups:  The Treasurer reported that 199 cups from the previous reunion were on hand.  Motion made, seconded, and carried to sell the cups for $1.00 each at the up coming reunion.

    (2) Caps:  The board discussed the design and quantity of caps for the reunion.  The color selected was Forest Green with a logo on the front and the letters "MMA" on the back.  The number of caps to be purchased was set at 400 with an estimated purchase cost per cap of approximately $6.25 for a total projected expenditure of $2,500.00.  Pre-ordered sales price and sales price at the reunion was to be determined.  A vendor's cost estimate would be submitted at the next meeting.

    (3) Pins:  The Vice President circulated a catalog of memento pins.  The suggested design would incorporate the MMA logo.  The estimated cost per pin was approximately $1.50 with 500 pins being ordered for a project cost of $750.  Each member would be given a pin with the remainder offered for sale at a price to be determined.  A vendor's cost estimate would be submitted at the next meeting.

5. New Business:

    a. MMA President's Remarks:

    (1) 50th Anniversary Yearbook:  The President announced that he had a meting with a representative of Turner Publication on the 13th of July to discuss producing a 50th Anniversary Yearbook.  He asked the Secretary to join him at the meeting.

    (2) Tax-exempt Notification Letter to USAMU:  The President read a draft letter to the USAMU Commander announcing the tax-exempt status of MMA along with the formation of a tax-exempt contributions steering committee.  The letter noted that the association now had the potential to increase support to the USAMU and suggested an initial project.

    (3) Officer Nomination Committee:  The Secretary remarked that the up coming reunion would also be a general membership meeting and that election of association officers would be held.  He recommended that a nomination committee be formed now.  The President said that he would appoint the tax-exempt steering committee of Lory Johnson, Past MMA President, MMA member Burl Branham, and himself as the nomination committee.

    b. Farewell Bullet Plaques:  The President noted that USAMU was no longer allowed to purchase farewell "Bullet Plaques" for departing personnel.  He stated that a previous Executive Board had approved funds to purchase these plaques but the funds were not needed at the time.  He recommended the Executive Board revalidate the previous motion.  Motion made, seconded, and carried to expend $500.00 to purchase farewell "Bullet Plaques" for departing USAMU personnel and that each plaque be identified (on the backside) as being provided by the MMA.

    c. Reunion Planning:  The President placed on the agenda of the next board meeting the finalization of the reunion Letter of Invitation, Schedule of Events, Billeting Information, and Registration Form.  Mail out of the items would be in mid August.

    d. USAMU Report:  Mr. Behnke reported that SFC Bret Erickson, 2004 Olympic Shotgun team member, suffered what doctors refer to as a bifisicular block.  He was attending unit physical training when he collapsed.  Teammate SP4 Mark Weeks, a certified emergency medical technician, gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while another teammate, SSG William Keever, administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  Because of their life saving efforts, SFC Erickson was breathing when the ambulance arrived.  Erickson was later sent to Walter Reed Hospital where had a pacemaker inserted.  All indications are that SFC Erickson will be able to compete in Athens.

    e. Revised Constitution and Bylaws:  The Secretary noted that DCA had a requirement for all Private Organizations to update their Constitution and Bylaws to a standard format.  He also noted that DCA had provided a sample format and that he would present a draft of the new Constitution and Bylaws at the next meeting.

    f. Special Lifetime Membership:  Mr. Cannella suggested that the Board consider presenting a lifetime membership at the reunion to Mr. James "Gus" Youmans, CPA, for his donated time and professional services in assisting the association to become a tax-exempt organization.  The Board took the suggestion under consideration.

6. Next Meeting: The next Executive Board Meeting is scheduled for 10:00 AM, Thursday, July 29, 2004, in the USAMU Conference Room, Building 243, Fort Benning, Georgia.

7. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 AM.

Laurence K. Mosely
Recording Secretary

June 2004 Financial Statement

Approved by the Executive Board on July 29, 2004.

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