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Minutes of the Meeting
April 2003

1. Monthly Meeting: The monthly Executive Board meeting of the Military Marksmanship Association was held on April 24, 2003, in the Army Marksmanship Conference Room.

    a. Board Members Present:

        Archibald V. Arnold III, President
        Bruce Meredith, Vice President
        Laurence K. Mosely, Recording Secretary
        Samuel W. Hunter, Treasurer
        Richard D. Rebidue, Membership Committee Chairman

    b. Board Members Absent:

        Carter Berry, Public Affairs Committee Chairman, and MMA Times Editor

    c. U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Representative:

        Robert Aylward, Deputy

    d. Call to Order: A quorum being present, the President called the meeting to order at 1110.

2. Treasurer's Report: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Treasurer's Report for March 2003. Additionally, the Treasurer provided a financial preview for April 2003.

3. Minutes: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting for February 2003 and March 2003.

4. Unfinished Business:

     a. Tax-exempt Status: The President stated that our 501(C) 3 tax-exempt status application is still pending by the IRS. He also remarked that he would draft a Letter of Thanks acknowledging contribution made to the association.

    b. Historian's Position: The President briefed the Board on his efforts to fill the Historian's position. He noted that he had identified or contacted 12 MMA members and had invited them to an organization meeting on the 13th of May. The President said that he would provide an update at the May Monthly Meeting.

    c. Roll of Honor Plaque: Mr. Aylward reported that the USAMU Commander held a meeting concerning the Service Rifle Roll of Honor Plaque donated by Phil Cannella. The decision was made to display the plaque in the USAMU Headquarters building.

5. New Business:

    a. World Cup Flags: The President reported that the MMA had been instrumental in obtaining national flags for the countries participating in World Cup USA. He noted he had contacted the Director of Civilian Marksmanship and requested that they provide the funds to purchase the flags.

    b. USAMU Report: Mr.Aylward provided the following update about USAMU.

    (1) USA Shooting would host World Cup USA on USAMU ranges from 5 to 10 May. He noted that about 40 countries are expected to attend the competition.

    (2) USAMU expects to present the CISM Trophy to the SA in the immediate future.

    (3) USAMU Change of Command is scheduled for 9:00 am, 4 June 2003, at Ceremony Hill, Pool Range Complex. The incoming commander is LTC David J. Liwanag.

    (4) Two former USAMU officers were serving overseas: MAJ Way with the 3d ID in Iraq and CPT Christy as a Chief of Security in Afghanistan.

    (5) Earl Waterman, former USAMU Service Rifle shooter and current USAMU Range Maintenance Technician, had a leg amputated due to a circulatory problem.

6. Next Meeting: The next Executive Board Meeting will be held at 1100 hours on Tuesday, May 22, 2003, in the USAMU Conference Room, Building 243, Fort Benning, Georgia.

7. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1200 hours.

Laurence K. Mosely
Recording Secretary

April 2003 Financial Statement

Approved by the Executive Board on June 26, 2003

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