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Minutes of the Meeting
July 2002

1. Monthly Meeting: The monthly Executive Board meeting of the Military Marksmanship Association was held on July 24, 2002, in the Army Marksmanship Conference Room.

    a. Board Members Present:

        Phillip F. Cannella, Jr., President
        Laurence K. Mosely, Recording Secretary
        Samuel W. Hunter, Treasurer
        Carter Berry, Public Affairs Committee Chairman and MMA Times Editor
    b. Board Members Absent:

        Richard N. Hawkins, Vice President
        Ken Hamill, Chairman, Historical Committee Chairman, and MMA Historian
        Richard D. Rebidue, Membership Committee Chairman

    c. U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Representative:

        Robert Aylward, Deputy

    d. Call to Order: A quorum being present, the President called the meeting to order at 1125 hours.

2. Treasurer's Report: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Treasurers Report for June 2002. Additionally, the Treasurer provided a financial preview for July.

3. Minutes: Motion made, seconded, and carried to approve the Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting for June 2002

4. Unfinished Business: The President reported that a new attorney had been contacted concerning completion of the association's incorporation and tax exempt status. The President also requested that the Secretary provide him with a copy of the Georgia Secretary of State Certificate of Incorporation and a copy of the MMA Constitution and Bylaws.

5. New Business:

    a. Forty-sixth USAMU Anniversary and MMA Reunion:

    (1) Meal Costs: The President provided the following meal cost from various providers:

    (a) Shriner Fraternal Order: Hotdog and hamburger cookout on Friday - $5.00 per person.
    (b) Fort Benning Officer Club: Facility booked on the 19th of October: If a facility were available, the cost would be from $13.00 to $19.00 per person plus bar costs.

    (c) Catered Barbecue: Initial estimates to cater a meal was $6.00-$7.00 per person.

    (2) Menu Selection: It was resolved to select the Shriner Fraternal Order to cater the Friday Welcome Picnic and have the Saturday meal a catered barbecue meal. Cost per person would be estimated on 300 attendees.

    (3) Reunion Cost:

    (a) After discussion, the Executive Board established an inclusive fee of $10.00 per member and $12.00 for non-members for meal costs. The cost was subject to firm per person cost form the Shriner Fraternal Order and the selected barbecue caterer. Board members agreed to confirm the membership cost via e-mail and telephone vote. Costs over the actual meal costs would be borne by the association.

    (b) The Board discussed the purchase of baseball caps for resale. The Treasurer provided a fact sheet showing the cost to purchase caps for the last reunion along with other unsold items on hand previously purchased by the association. He noted that he still had 22 caps of the 200 purchased for the last reunion. The majority of the Board members did not think there would be a demand for baseball caps; however, he President stated that he would check the cost to obtain additional cap. An alternative suggestion was made to charge a flat meal cost of $12.00 per person but provide a memento to each member, such as a coffee mug, and offer the mug to non-members at cost of $5.00. The proposal was tabled until the cost of the coffee mugs could be determined.

    (c) Motion made, seconded, and carried to authorize the expenditure of $2,000.00 in support of the reunion. This amount is in addition to the meal costs collected and the actual catering costs.

    (d) Motion made, seconded, and carried to provide meals free gratis for USAMU assigned members in grades E-4 and below and for their spouse.

    (e) Reunion Announcement: A special mail out to announce the reunion was scheduled in conjunction with the August Executive Board Meeting.

    b. USAMU Report: Mr. Aylward briefed the board on the following items.

    (1) USAMU International Rifle shooter SSG Jason Parker won the 10-meter Air Rifle Match at the World Shooting Championships in Lati, Finland.

    (2) USA Shooting informed USAMU that there was a distinct possibility that Wolf Creek Olympic Range in Atlanta would be closed.

    (3) Mr. Aylward noted that he would attend a CMP committee meeting at Camp Perry to discuss plans for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Camp Perry, and he asked for MMA input.

6. Next Meeting: The next Executive Board Meeting will be held at 1100 hours on Wednesday, August 21, 2002, in the USAMU Conference Room, Building 243, Fort Benning, Georgia.

7. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1225 hours.

Laurence K. Mosely
Recording Secretary

July 2002 Financial Statement

Approved by the Executive Board on August 21, 2002.

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