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Minutes of the Meeting
November 2000

1. Monthly Meeting: The monthly Executive Board Meeting of the Military Marksmanship Association was held on November 15, 2000, in the USAMU Conference Room, Building 243.

    a. Board Members Present:

    Lory M. Johnson, President
    Phillip F. Cannella, Jr., Vice-President
    Samuel W. Hunter, Treasurer
    Ken Hamill, Chairman, Historical Committee Chairman and MMA Historian
    Richard D. Rebidue, Membership Committee Chairman

    b. Board Members Absent: Carter Berry, Chairman, Public Affairs Committee Chairman and MMA Times Editor

    c. U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit Representatives: Robert Aylward

    d. Call to Order: A quorum being present, the President called the meeting to order at 1115 hours.

2. Treasurer's Report: Mr. Hunter discussed the October financial statement noting the increase of new or renewed memberships as a direct result of the reunion including the additional reunion notification letter. The Treasurer also he presented a financial statement entitled Financial Results of MMA Reunion, 6-7 October 2000. The latter report was approved and will be attached to the Minutes of the October General Membership Meeting. The President remarked that DCA had cited the requirement to obtain approval for fund raising activities in respect to the sale of the MMA baseball caps. While this notice was not received in sufficient time to respond, he noted that the caps were an enticement to attend the reunion and not intended to raise funds. He further pointed out that the financial statements reflected that the caps cost more than the proceeds of the sale. The Treasurer added that there is an additional cost that is not reflected in the report for shipment of caps to members who ordered caps but did not attend the reunion. He said that the cap mailing was not completed and that those mailing costs would be reported in a later financial statement.

3. Minutes: The minutes of the October 18th 2000 meeting were approved along with the financial statement for the October 2000.

4. Unfinished Business:

    a. Change of MMA Bylaws: The Secretary commented that the procedures for changing the Association's Bylaws was stated in Section 5, Article VIII, of the MMA Constitution. He noted that approval of the membership was not required as moved and approved in the October meeting. He further stated that Mr. Berry, who originally made the motion, had submitted the proposed change in writing. The President read the proposed change to the Board. The President remarked that the Board's intent at the October meeting was to affect a change in the Bylaws and since the document submitted by Mr. Berry was a technical correction, the approved motion of October stood. He directed the Secretary to submit the Bylaw change to DCA.

    b. Audit of Financial Records: Mr. Johnson read Mr. Richard Hawkins' report concerning the findings of the financial audit performed on the MMA financial records. Association members Messrs Richard Hawkins, James McQuien, and Al Dunn conducted the audit. They reviewed the records from inception of the Association to the present and found only four administrative errors. The report recommended the Treasurer reconcile the books with the current bank statement. Mr. Hunter remarked that this was the procedure he used since he has assumed the duties of Treasurer. The report stated, "All-in-all the books are in very good shape." The Secretary moved that the report be accepted and forwarded to DCA. The motion was seconded and carried.

    c. Complimentary Copies of MMA Times:

    (1) The President reviewed what action had occurred concerning the recommendation by the USAMU Commander to provide complimentary copies of the MMA Times to selected "friends" of MMA. He noted that original discussion included a hasty analysis by the Treasurer of the cost of such an action. After the initial discussion, most Board members agreed that it probably was a good idea. Since the exact expense could not be determined because the number of copies to be made available was not resolved, the Board deferred the topic to the November meeting.

    (2) The President opened the discussion by questioning whether an Honorary Membership should also be conferred up individuals selected to receive complimentary copies. The consensus was that it was not appropriate to do so. The discussion lead to how many should be included on the list. Most Board members expressed the opinion that the list should include individuals who have supported the USAMU and MMA in the past and who could provide support in the future. The Board was in agreement that the number of complimentary copies should be limited. The President moved that the MMA send out no more than 30 complimentary copies of the MMA Times to "friends" of the MMA who are not already Association members. The motion was seconded and carried. The President added that Board members should be prepared to discuss at the next meeting selection of a list of individuals who would receive complimentary copies of the MMA Times. The President added that he would prepare an appropriate transmittal letter.

    d. Left Over Items from the Reunion: Mr. Hamill brought to the attention of the Board that the use of the MMA office was hampered by the accumulation of items left over from the previous reunion and the past annual membership meeting. He noted that some of the condiments had expired expiration dates, that there was an excess of plastic soup or salad bowls, and that soft drinks were stacked as to prevent access to the historical filing cabinets. He recommended that the outdated condiments be trashed and that the dinnerware and sodas be donated to the Fort Benning Junior Rifle Club. The Board agreed that the expired condiments should be disposed of but noted that a motion was approved in the October Meeting to store the soda and supplies for future use such as the forthcoming Annual Meeting in January.

    e. General Membership Meeting: The Secretary reported that he had not finished the Minutes of the General Membership Meeting but would submit it at the next Executive Board Meeting.

    f. Reinvestment of Certificates of Deposit: The Treasurer reported that he had contacted a number of local banks and inquired about the current interest rate payable on Certificates of Deposit. He noted that the renewal rate available on our maturing CD was 5.12 percent while the highest rate was offered was 5.83 percent at First Union. He stated that he had transferred the principal and interest to a First Union CD and that the transfer would be reflected on the next financial statement.

    g. Membership Update: Mr. Rebidue commented that a large number of membership directory changes were submitted as a result of the reunion. He noted that the 2001 directory would be positioned in a horizontal format to keep the type size large enough to be readable and reduce the cramping of the data as in the present vertical format. He provided the following statistics:



Current Active Members (Includes New Members)


New Members joining in 2000


Inactive Members (Membership expired 1994-2000)


Deceased List (All years)


Reference Database (All years)


Mr. Rebidue added that the names listed in the Reference Database have been identified as former Army competitive shooters or persons assigned to an Army Marksmanship Unit but have never been a member of the Association. No other personal or contact data is available. This list does not contain the names of former Army personnel that have requested their names be removed from the Association's database.

5. New Business:

    a. USAMU Report:

    (1) Mr. Aylward announced that Mr. Burl Branham, Shotgun Coach, retired with over 50 years of federal service. He also announced that Mr. William Krilling, International Rifle Coach would retire in February 2001. He remarked that both coaching positions plus an Assistant Operation position had been forwarded to Civilian Personnel to fill those positions.

    (2) Mr. Aylward commented that three USAMU shooters, MAJ Anti, SFC Szarenski, and SSG Johnson, were participating in the prestigious post Olympic World Cup in Munich, Germany, while SFC Graves had returned from the shotgun phase where he finished in fourth place.

    (3) Mr. Aylward presented to the Board the list of candidates for MMA Soldier Of The Year.

    b. MMA Soldier Of The Year Vote: The President scheduled the vote to select the MMA Soldier Of The Year at the December Board Meeting. He stated that the vote would be by secret ballot and if there was not a clear majority on the first ballot then a second ballot would select one of the top two on the first ballot.

    c. MMA Reunion After Action Report: Mr. Hamill suggested that a Reunion After Action Report be made. The USAMU Deputy noted that USAMU had completed an After Action Report for the Hall of Fame Ceremony. The President thought the Association should develop its own report and requested all Board members be prepared to discuss this issue at the December meeting.

    d. Monthly and Annual Meeting Date: The Board set the date for the January Executive Board Meeting for 1100 hours January 10, 2001, at the USAMU Conference Room and the Annual Membership Meeting for 1500 hours, January 20, 2001, at the Indoor Range, Pool Range Complex.

    e. Year End Reports: The Secretary reminded all Board Members that Officer and Chairperson End of Year Reports would be due NLT 10 January 2001. The President noted that these reports would be incorporated into the slide show briefing at the Annual Membership Meeting.

    f. MMA Times: The President reminded the Board that input for the next issue of the MMA Times was due NLT November 17, 2000.

6. Next Meeting: The next Executive Board Meeting will be held 1100 hours on Wednesday, December 20th, at the USAMU Conference Room, Building 243, Fort Benning, Georgia.

7. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1314 hours.

Laurence K. Mosely
Recording Secretary

November 2000 Financial Statement

Approved by the Executive Board on December 20, 2000.

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