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Minutes of the Meeting
May 2000

1. Monthly Meeting: The monthly Executive Board meeting of the Military Marksmanship Association was held on May 17th, 2000, at the Bonanza Restaurant, Phenix City, Alabama.

 a. Board Members Present:

 Lory M. Johnson, President
 Phillip F. Cannella, Jr., Vice-President
 Laurence K. Mosely, Recording Secretary
 Samuel W. Hunter, Treasurer
 Ken Hamill, Chairman, Historical Committee and MMA Historian
 Richard D. Rebidue, Chairman, Membership Committee

 b. Board Members Absent: Carter Berry, Chairman, Public Affairs Committee

 c. U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Representatives: Robert Aylward

 d. Call to Order: A quorum being present, the President called the meeting to order at 1210.

2. Minutes: The minutes of the March 15th Executive Board Meeting with the March Financial Statement was approved as circulated. The Secretary stated that he had prepared a Memorandum informing the DCA that the Association did not conduct a meeting in April and would attach the April Financial Statement to that memorandum.

3. Treasurer's Report: Mr. Hunter observed that the rates of interest the Association was receiving on our two Certificates of Deposit was lower than the advertised rates offered by several local banks. The President remarked that the Association should attempt to get the highest rate from a bona fide financial institution and suggested that the Treasurer "shop around" for the highest rates.

4. Unfinished Business:

 a. Liability Insurance Status: The President reported that he had obtained a quote from the Jordan Insurance Agency for a $1,000,000 comprehensive general liability policy to cover the Association's members. The policy would cover each Association event for one million dollars, such as the General Membership Meeting or the upcoming reunion. Additionally, the policy provided $1,000,000 personal and advertising coverage, $50,000 coverage for fire or structural damage to a building that the Association used, and $5,000 medical coverage per person. The Secretary questioned the President if the policy covered the Association's web site. The President responded that he believed that it was covered by the personal and advertising coverage but would check. If it did not, he suggested that a rider be obtained for that purpose. The annual premium for the policy is $267.00.  Motion made by the President to place the policy in force as offered. Motion seconded and carried.

 b. Web Site Status: The Secretary reported the Association's e-mail list was operational and approximately 30 members had subscribed to date. The Secretary stated that the list needed to be automated so that members can join without any intervention from the Webmaster. The monthly cost for an automated e-mail subscription list is $3.00. Motion made to increase our monthly web site cost by $3.00 per month to activate an automated e-mail list plus a one-time start up fee of $15.00. Motion seconded and carried. Additionally, the Secretary provided a web site start up cost summary fact sheet and noted that the costs for software and web site setup fees was below the amount authorized by the Board.

5. New Business:

 a. USAMU Report:

 (1) Mr. Aylward reported the Executive Director of USA Shooting, Robert Mitchell, had remarked to him that the Olympic Selection Match was conducted in a professional manner as a result of the assistance from eight MMA Association members who volunteered their time during the match.

 (2) Mr. Aylward noted the Civilian Marksmanship Program had authorized the MMA to maintain the funds provided for visit of BG Tibbetts in Association's account for use at a future date. BG Tibbetts visit was cancelled.

 (3) Mr. Aylward announced that the US Army Reserve Rifle and Pistol teams would be disbanded at the completion of the 2000 National Matches.

 b. Reunion 2000: The Board questioned Mr. Aylward if USAMU could hold the Hall of Fame induction ceremony during the Columbus Day weekend (6-10 October). He noted that USAMU had no major training activities scheduled and those dates were satisfactory. A motion was made, seconded, and carried to conduct an Association reunion on 6-7 October 2000, to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the Army Marksmanship Unit. The President scheduled a reunion-planning meeting for 1630 hours, Wednesday, 7 June, at the USAMU conference room. He encouraged all board members to bring an Association member to the meeting.

 c. Audit of Financial Records: The Treasurer noted that the person he contacted to audit the Association's financial records had informed him that she was not able to do the task. The Board discussed other sources to conduct an audit. The Secretary noted that Section 1, Article V, of the Association Bylaws states, "The Treasurer's books shall be subject to an audit by a qualified auditor as directed by the Executive Board." The President noted that he would report at the next meeting what progress had been made in scheduling an audit.

 d. Hall of Fame Selection Committee:

 (1) Mr. Hamill, Chairman of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee provided an overview of how the committee of Messrs. Hamill, Aylward, Redidue, and Berry narrowed the nominee list from 45 to 25 candidates. Mr. Hamill displayed the biographical sketch of the 25 candidates and the Hall of Fame Ballot. Mr. Hamill noted that in the future the board should have access to the nominees list sooner. The President recommended that in the future USAMU provide the list of nominees to the committee at least four months prior to the date that the ballots are due for mailing.

 (2) Mr. Aylward noted earlier that he would print the nominee's career highlights and Hall of Fame ballot and asked that the Association include those two items in the next mailing of the MMA Times. The board approved the request.

 (3) There was still concern expressed by several members of the board about the Hall of Fame selection process. A Hall of Fame Selection Oversight Committee was formed and chaired by the Vice President.

 e. Membership Directory Codes: Mr. Rebidue announced that he was expanding the membership codes to accommodate the addition of Marksmanship Training Units (MTU) and the summer pickup National Trophy Group (NTG) personnel who are now eligible to join the Association. Additionally, he was including a field for e-mail addresses.

 f. MMA Times, Membership Directory Update and Hall of Fame Ballot Mailing: Envelope stuffing was scheduled for 1130 hours, Friday, 2 June, at the USAMU Conference Room.

6. Next Meeting: The next Executive Board Meeting will be held 1130 hours (EDT) on Wednesday, June 21st, at the Bonanza Restaurant, Highway 280, Phenix City, Alabama.

7. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1440 hours.

Laurence K. Mosely
Recording Secretary

May 2000 Financial Statement

Approved by the Executive Board on June 21st, 2000.

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